Thursday, February 2, 2012

The existence of the Arab-Fahd, a beautiful and enchanting animals and rare in the Negev desert south of Palestine.

And then brought to my attention by the very question of their care and protection and their way of live with it, and this makes us think about three important issues: The first question is Why do not the Israelis treat the Palestinians in general Bnvses level of civilization of peaceful coexistence? . The second issue is whether the Arab-Fahd is in Israel, where is he from neighboring areas such as Jordan and the Sinai desert? Is it located them in small numbers or is it like the other extinct animals that lived inherent in our territory as a result of Arab fishing and indiscriminate killing of wild animals and where, which is still in progress so far? The third issue is why treats Cheetah Arab in this form of civilization in Israel while killing in vain in many cases, do not put legislation effective to protect and educate people about it and on how to live with it in the Arab countries that still Tanzn small numbers from Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen?, And this of course applies to all other wild animals in our Arab countries. Fahd al Arab - Israel - Palestine - Animals - Nature - Environment - Desert - Arabian leopard - Protection of the environment - the desert of the Negev - Sexy - Thriller - strange - strange - beautiful - enchanting

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