Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1 Conjoined twins born in China .. Twins Born with Two Heads on Single Body

Conjoined twins born in China

Doctors doubt they can separate the babies who have one body but two heads.

Chinese Conjoined Twins in Hospital

Chinese conjoined twins fight for survival

Beijing (CNN) -- Conjoined twin girls -- each with a fully developed skull, but sharing one body -- have been born in China, according to their father, who said the babies are suffering from a host of health problems.

"The doctor said they are in critical condition," father Liao Guojun told CNN by telephone, as his babies cried in the background in a hospital intensive care unit. "The girls suffer from more than 10 illnesses right now and their chance for survival is very low."

But he said the girls -- affectionately dubbed "Left sister" and "Right sister" by their parents -- bring the new mother and father much joy.

"They cry at the same time, they sleep at the same time and they wake up together, and sometimes their hands wiggle in the air, grabbing for each other's hand," Liao said. "It's very cute."
Chinese Conjoined Twins Born with Two Heads on Single Body
A hospital in southwestern China was caring for conjoined twin baby girls, who were born last Thursday. Local media reported the mother wasn't aware that she was carrying twins sharing a body until two days before her delivery by caesarean. 


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Rahul said...

When we (human beings) become overpowered and against Almighty’s power and ignoring Almighty's Sole Powers, He reminds us in a such wonder way and making remind Him....No worries. It is quite natural and He made this and He will take care of it. Medical world does not have power to separate and keep them alive ...... Medical world is just a media of preservation.


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