Sunday, June 12, 2011

0 Saudi Man EATS fire .. man eating fire

Anything that does not happen to a man who eats fire in Saudi Arabia

"Leviathan"Jeddah .. Eat Naraloutn "Man of Fire " and "dragon grandmother" and "Uncle Walid"All of these titles carry young man, his superhuman abilities and Walid al-Hashimi, who dazzled everyone participating in the program "Arab's Got Talent", which appeared in a characteristically displays was, in terms of collecting the Between the talent and ability, walk through the fire and swallowed to the end of exciting games. In an interview for "home, " Walid said: he discovered his talent 5 years ago, and his work as a provider of programs for children before 3 years of easy access in the emergence of talent in its programs. And says: "The beginning was when he wanted to be doing a strange defiance of the same exhibit them ... and Walid al-Hashemi .. A man shot and beloved children's newspaper - the city

Man Eating fire

man eating fire at disney world

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