Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Dr Michio Kaku Discusses Mystery Object In Space

"The Kecksburg, PA UFO Crash Incident"
Stan Gordon

It was December 9,1965, that an event occurred about 40 miles from Pittsburgh in a rural area of western Pennsylvania, that even now remains controversial for some, and mysterious to others. At the time many people saw a brilliant object moving across the sky. The news media focused on a young boy, who while playing outside, said he saw an object fall from the sky into some nearby woods. The media pursued his story since there were numerous accounts from others, that an aerial object was seen over a large area including many reports from the greater Pittsburgh area. Besides the police authorities, various newspapers, and radio and tv stations around Pittsburgh, had their phone lines jammed with calls about the object in the sky. Coincidentally, author Frank Edwards, who had written some popular books on UFO's, was a guest on a KDKA radio talk show in Pittsburgh that evening, hosted by the late Mike Levine.

Space Objects (video) filmed through a telescope

The film person filming the latest videos recently added to my account does not want any more involvement with the said films and will not be filming any more as things are getting out of hand.

Ufo near International Space Station iss live video capture 2011 Objects internationale raumstation

Comet Holmes and large UFO space objects ( compilation )

Comet Holmes and other unknown space objects filmed by John Lenard Walson.

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