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1 Biggest Snakes in the World - longest snake in the world

Biggest Snakes in the World - longest snake in the world

Fluffy the world's largest captive snake has died

The world's longest snake living in captivity -- a 24-foot python called Fluffy -- has died due to an apparent tumour, say keepers in Ohio.

18-years-old and weighing 300-pounds Fluffy held the title of longest snake by Guinness World Records and was a hit attraction at Columbus Zoo.

But a spokesperson for the US zoo, where Fluffy had lived since March 2007, has confirmed workers yesterday found her dead due to an apparent tumour.

While the news will come as a blow to many fans of Fluffy, it will no doubt be well received by the Ohio rabbit and mouse communities.

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Largest snake 'as long as a bus'

The discovery of fossilised remains belonging to the world's largest snake has been reported in Nature journal.

Titanoboa was 13m (42ft) long - about the length of a bus - and lived in the rainforest of north-east Colombia 58-60 million years ago.

The snake was so wide it would have reached up to a person's hips, say researchers, who have estimated that it weighed more than a tonne.

Green anacondas - the world's heaviest snakes - reach a mere 250kg (550lbs).

Reticulated pythons - the world's longest snakes - can reach up to 10m (32ft).
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Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World

green anaconda 2 Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World
green anaconda
The Green Anaconda is available in South America, Amazon, and Trinidad. The Green anaconda or Eunectes murinus has a close family Yellow anaconda or Eunectus notaeus. In nature, the green anaconda is by far larger than the yellow one. It spans 5 meters or 17 feet long and the longest one is 8 meters long or 26 feet
Reticulated Python
 Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World

Reticulated Python
Reticulate Python is species of Python Reticulatus and they live in the wet land of south East Asia. The adult has maximum length 18 feet/6 meters and the biggest reticulated python has ever been found is 32 feet long. The cool thing of the snake is their eyes. As a nocturnal species, this python has “retic” eyes where they can locate their pray at night from distance.
Burmese Python
burmese python Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World
Burmese Python is a species of Python molurus and the home is around south and Southeast Asia. Some pet this snake and they are docile. The Burmese Python has a unique ability that is not available on other Python. Instead wrap their body to warm their eggs; they elevate the heat of their body temperature to warm their eggs. This ability remains mystery up to know. The adult maximum length is 13 feet and the longest has ever been recorded is 20 feet long
African Rock Python
python rock african Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World
African Rock Python
The African Rock python is the species of Python sebae and it eats any living thing they could swallow from gazelles, goats, small crocodiles, and fishes. The python can grow up to 18 feet long and max African python has ever been found in Nature is spanning 25 feet long. It is pretty aggressive snake and it appears view time in Jeff Corwin show

Scrub Python
scrub python Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World

It is the largest non venomous snake in Australia and can be found in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia beside in Australia itself of course. The largest among other Scrub python is 8.5 meters long
As information, Titanic Boa or Titanoboa cerrejonensis and Gigantophis garstini are two giant snakes that are far larger than any python species and anacondas in the world.
Titanic boa is 12-15 meters long when they are adult and their weight can reach 1,3 ton or 2,500 pounds with 1meter and 40 cm in diameter. It is thick, heavy, long and very ancient. Some believe it has lived since the Paleocene epoch approximately 60-58 million years ago.
This our last largest snake, Gigantophis garstini is another prehistoric snake where it can grow up to 10 meter or 33 feet long. The species is living since 40 million years ago and their home can be found in Egypt and Algeria

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