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0 Aliens hovering around Monahans, Texas

UFO Hovers,Beings Seen in Monahans, Texas

Aliens hovering around Monahans, Texas

Earlier this year, we reported on a sighting near
Temple, Texas, in which not only an unknown craft was seen landed, but we had eyewitness accounts of some type of beings around the craft.

The details of the sighting were reported by a husband and wife who were traveling on Interstate 35. The wife got the first glimpse of the unknown object, which at first was traveling at a high rate of speed, then stopped in midair before landing in a field just off of the highway.

After a door opened, three beings were seen to exit the craft, and soon they appeared to walk away from the craft. Although the three were not seen reentering the object, soon it rose up and sped away. The couple watched the object and beings for about three minutes.

The Monahan, Texas Sighting

Now, a new, amazing report has been filed through the MUFON open source reports. The report was well written and detailed by a man who was an eyewitness to a disc-shaped object hovering a few feet above the ground, and two beings that matched the description of the gray aliens.

The reporter was one of a number of individuals who were present at a home near the city of Monahans, Texas, on 12-11-09. The home sat on 3-4 acres, which were mostly filled with Texas Mesquite trees. There was a family gathering at the home when the incident began.

All at once, three of the man's younger relatives came running into the house. They were extremely excited and yelled out that a plane had crashed in a nearby pasture. The man and his brother ran outside to check out the story.

The first thing that caught their attention was a smell - the odor of Mesquite wood burning. Mesquite wood is a sweet wood, and the choice of many chefs who barbecue meat. It has a very distinctive small, and any good Texan knows it well.

Journey to the Site

The man and his brother began to follow three of their relatives to the site of the alleged crash, with their dogs upset, as if they sensed something was not right. With Mesquite trees growing in bunches, and it being dark, they had to go around the trees to reach the site. Mesquites have long thorns, and are very painful if one of them punctures the skin.

As they neared the site, the air seemed heavy, and electrically charged. They could see distant lights, but these were coming from other houses in their vicinity.

The Craft & Beings

They finally reached an open area, and were shocked at what they saw. Before them was an oval-shaped object hovering about 4-5 feet above the ground.

The object was of a shiny, metallic material, which reflected lights from neighboring houses. Also, there was a blue glow around the object, though hardly noticeable. The object was approximately 30 feet across. As they intently gazed at the unbelievable sight before them, two small beings emerged from around the craft.

The witness's brother yelled out, "What are those things?" They were mesmerized by the four-foot tall, skinny beings, with long arms, and large, black eyes. The beings locked eyes with our witnesses for about 7 seconds, before moving to the back of the craft.

They would not be seen again. In a moment, the craft rose up, hovered at about 40 foot, and then sped away into the night skies.

This is all that is known about this encounter at this time, but we are hopeful that there will be further investigation into this riveting case from Texas.

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