Tuesday, February 7, 2012

0 O my God: girl crying her eyes amazing Stones

girl crying her eyes amazing Stones

Spread recently in the media and some newspapers and magazines in the Arab world a story about the girl Maha which shed tears stones instead of tears to put in the hands of the viewer strangest case described by modern medicine. As in this case offered some satellite channels like Al-Arabiya, as well as a large group of Arab newspapers and magazines, and everyone brings to this case very strange

Has followed the case of the girl child in specialized hospitals, which reported the reports describing the status of the girl child "Balnaderh" which saw the girl child "Maha" graduated stones of her eyes all intervals have the inability of modern medicine for the treatment or describe this situation accurately and this is the will of the Creator (swt) to show visible miracles in His creation and the miracle of the Quran and it is a great healing for the believers. The girl's father tried to find a cure for his daughter in the most specialized hospitals, but, God willing, to attend the Father is this girl to the house roquia Sheikh Munir Arabs and that recovery of God upon this strange case and the exclamation point at very high speeds of which the people of the girl

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