Saturday, January 1, 2011

1 Breaking News: The man who Eat anything is Shoenice !

Shoenice is one of my favorite comedians from Upstate NY, and he is starting to become known nationally for some of his crazy antics. He is always looking for a new challenge when it comes to strange things he can consume. He also takes viewer requests, so if you have something crazy you want to see him eat then comment on a video and he might just do it for you, no guarantees though because he gets lots of requests. Here are videos of Shoenice eating things that most humans could not even handle.

Say hello to our latest Day, shoenice (as he is known on YouTube). A few of his feats include eating 3 tampons in under a minute, 10 erasers and an envelope, and a bottle of Elmer’s glue (including the cap). Another thing we noticed, he is wearing the same shirt and hat in every video. Does that mean he did this all in the same say? If so, that must have been on impressive shit!

Watch him eat this stuff below:


eats 3 tampons in under 1 minute !!

bottle of elmers glue and orange cap in 30 seconds

eats 10 erasers off of pencils and 4 cotton balls in 30 seconds

eats 4 books of matches on fire

It's a miracle by any standard.

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