Thursday, April 21, 2011

0 Broken News: Dead Alien In The Snow


'Dead alien' video is a hoax

There's a new UFO crash video making the rounds titled, "Dead Alien Found in UFO Hotspot in Russia," and it shows two Russian men finding what appears to be a dead extraterrestrial alien near a tree stump in a snowy field in Irkutsk, Siberia

In the video, the alien looks to be about two or three feet tall, with a large head and long, thin limbs. It's gotten over 1 million hits so far, with many commenters asking if it could be the real thing. A message on the YouTube video, which was uploaded about a week ago, states that "Your government is lying to you about UFO & alien visitation."

A video posted on YouTube that allegedly shows the discovery of what is purported to be a dead alien has received over a million views in two days.The video titled "Dead alien found in UFO hotspot in Russia; With translation".

Meet the Siberian 'alien'

Enlarge photo

It's worth a look - and nearly 1.5 million people have - but this video of what is claimed to be the body of an alien found in Siberia is said to be a fake.

The vision supposedly shows the frozen remains of a tiny alien creature discovered in the snow in the Irkutsk region of southern Siberia.

The apparent "alien discovery" has become a YouTube sensation since it appeared a few days ago.

But local reports say that police quickly put an end to the truth being out there in Siberia.

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