Friday, April 22, 2011

3 Man to fly in the air

Mr Johan Lorbeer you must be some super human with super human powers, looking at these pictures are mind blowing and yes bloody weird but brilliant. These still life Performance acts are hot and this one is called “Tarzan”, where the hell they got this name from is beyond me because I have never seen Tarzan do this

Can you believe this news
Is this true
Is this a miracle or a hoax

Johan Lorbeer desafía a la gravedad en la Plaza de El Palillero La Voz Digital


Performance en Atocha: Tarzan / Standing Leg de Johan Lorbeer

Al coger mi tren de vuelta a casa me he encontrado con esta performance. La verdad es que ha sido impactante ya que no había forma de saber como demonios se sostenía el personaje. Al parecer, la obra se enmarca en el IX Festival Escena Contemporánea de Madrid.

And now see this trick

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rredo47 said...

oh mygod

Anonymous said...

Someone pull him down or tell him to take his hand off the wall

AMP said...

Dont get stuck


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