Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1 Life story Hamish and Andy, Conjoined Twins

 Hamish and Andy, Conjoined Twins
 Hamish and Andy being dads
 Hamish and Andy: Summer Jobs
This is a site about Hamish and Andy and what they get up to.

I am only new at this blogging thing. So I’m just putting up some random things to start with. When Hamish and Andy come back on after the holidays, I will hopefully have this thing figured out and am able to give you a full update on the show and anything I find during the week!!!!

So if you have any advice then drop me a comment!

Hamish and Andy, Conjoined Twins - 1

Hamish and Andy Conjoined Twins- 2

Hamish and Andy being dads

Hamish and Andy adopt two girls for a week to prove to their girlfriends that they can be dads

Hamish and Andy: Summer Jobs

Unemployed over the summer, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee find summer jobs without the hassle of the interview.

Hamish and Andy - McDonalds Angus Training Video

Hamish and Andy present The McDonalds Australia Angus burger training video - Only H&A sections are included

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Rahul said...

one soul coming to this world is God's wish..but a baby with two head is very critical to survey..Soul must be safe.


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