Friday, July 20, 2012

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Raining blue balls in Britain

Injured by a homeowners surprised when he saw the raining balls blue gel texture. Steve was forced Hornbsa -, 61-year-old - who lives in Bournemouth and Dorset in the UK to go into hiding until he cools down the weather.

According to the 'Daily Mail' said Hornbsa The sky suddenly turned to dark yellow and then began to intensify storms, strangely, and after a few moments surprised that the raining balls Jlatynah like silicon, approached them to give them a closer look.

He noted that when Hornbsa to put his foot on the grass, thinking that these objects are only broken glass, surprised by the disappearance of these objects, and it filled the entire garden. He Hornbsa that it was impossible to pick them up with his hands, forced to use a spoon to put them in a bowl.

Hornsby is believed that this is a types of atmospheric pollution. For its part, said Jose Beige help scientific research at the University of Bournemouth that this strange phenomenon may be a white object of special attention to marine invertebrates. She added that the movement of eggs through the feet of birds is common, and fall in this way may be due to the severe storm

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