Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1 World's Smartest Kid - The smartest child in the world

The Smartest kid in Egypt


The Smartest kid in Egypt
 This is the smartest kid in Egypt . 9 years old Mahmoud Wael Mahmoud is the talk of the town now . 8344064069 His IQ is 155 more than kids in his average age in fact more than ministers I know currently in the cabinet. I read that he will join the Guinness book of world record insh Allah He will be able to join university insh Allah after 5 years from now. Mahmoud was born on 1/1/1999 , from a middle class family, his parents are both doctors and he has two elder sisters

The Smartest Kid in the World 

Walker will soon have his IQ tested. His obsession with cars has produced an amazing talent: At just 3 years old he can identify the make and model of any car by sight alone. MY KID'S SMARTER THAN ME explores the joys and hardships faced by ordinary families raising off-the-chart kids --

World's Smartest Toddler? | Elise Tan-Roberts of London

The majority of parents believe their children are geniuses, but toddler Elise Tan-Roberts has the official seal of approval to back up the boast.. At 2 years and 4 months old, Elise becomes the youngest member ever of the high IQ fraternity Mensa . Not only does Elise know her shapes, but the London resident also can count in Spanish. But her favorite thing to do is recite world capitals. She knows 35 of them, including Paris,Tokyo and Washington D.C. Little Elise's IQ is an astonishing 156. Compare that to Albert Einstein's 160, and you realize just how smart Elise really is considering she still has so much to learn. Though Mensa can only test people older than 10, Elise was accepted because of a previous "evidence application" that confirmed her IQ score was within the top 2 percent of the population, according to British Mensa's Web site

 The smartest kid in the world "Jacob Barnett" 

A young genius lets the public into his world

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Rania said...

Wonderful kids...It's incredible how these kids are smart and passionate with what they do, most of them has an area of expertise like real adult scientists.


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